Dental Nurse/Technician

The teaching program is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills for assisting and working in the following fields: dental diseases, child and preventive dentistry, dental prosthetics, parodontology, oral medicine, jaw orthopedics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. You will master the techniques and procedures for the preparation and sterilization of materials and instruments. Dental nurse / technician participates in the prevention of dental diseases, health educational in kindergartens, schools, and pregnancy counseling centers. In order to perform this type of job, precision, responsibility and commitment are essential. By learning from the best, students will acquire necessary knowledge and skills. In our school, we pay great attention to the development of the so-called “soft skills” which will enable you to carry out your work and business communication in the most professional way possible. Theory lessons in our school entail interactive, practical classes focused on acquiring applicable knowledge and skills. After completing this four-year education programme, you will be equally trained to work and continue your education.