Professional orientation

A high percentage of young people, 75% in Serbia, is indifferent in terms of their future.


What is professional orientation?

Professional orientation is the directing of an individual as per the occupation or a group of occupations that best correspond to his/her psycho-physical characteristics and in which he/she has the highest potential to perform his/her job competently, to progress and to be satisfied. Choosing a future occupation is a very important step which determines the person’s future.

Special attention is devoted to harmonizing people’s abilities, interests, educational opportunities and employment prospects. Professional Orientation:

  • allows the students to get more information about themselves, their interests, preferences, abilities and values;
  • motivates students, employees and the unemployed to take an active role in planning their careers. Nowadays, being a motivated person and actively planning one’s career is extremely important because of a high unemployment rate, a changing labor market, and the need for a greater flexibility at work and in one’s career which make planning the future an even more important task.

Who is professional orientation intended for?

  • Undecided students who do not feel sure about their choice and do not know which high school or college to enroll in;
  • those who want to confirm their choice;
  • students who want to find out which of their skills are the most developed;
  • students with health and other difficulties;
  • students’ parents, etc.

Who performs professional orientation?

Professional orientation adviser:

  • handles testing (determines the intellectual and psychomotor abilities, personality traits, interests, values, etc.);
  • gives opinions and recommendations with regard to suitable occupations;
  • helps students to become qualified for making independent professional decisions. It is precisely because of these great opportunities to work in a number of occupations under a single title, as well as because of the changing world of work in which people have the opportunity to change their titles and develop their careers in different directions, enabling people to make independent and informed decisions regarding their careers in the future is a very important task;
  • advises students and their parents, etc.

Professional orientation adviser provides the information regarding:

  • educational plans and programs;
  • job descriptions and what people can do after finishing their schools and studies; for, if we possess clear and detailed information about what some profession implies, we can estimate whether we want to pursue this occupation or not;
  • occupations in which people can be even more successful at;
  • opportunities for education and employment after completing a certain degree of education. One of the fundamental tasks of advisory work with regard to professional orientation is to provide detailed information and explain that a particular title enables work in a large number of occupations, and that there are different educational paths which facilitate employment in the desired occupation;
  • enrollment conditions in certain secondary schools and faculties;
  • school homes;
  • scholarships;
  • employment opportunities and the state of the labor market, etc.

Expert team opinion:

Expert team opinion integrates information about students into a written and/or oral report which incorporates occupation recommendations.