Educational profiles


The program represents the fourth degree of vocational education. Education is provided according to the highest professional standards. You will be trained to work in hospitals, as well as in all medical institutions. The job description of the nurse includes the care of patients, the provision of prescribed therapy, and daily contact with the users of health services. A nurse is usually the first person a patient meets when he/she requires health care and with whom he/she is in constant contact. Apart from professional knowledge and skills, during schooling, you will develop and perfect the communication skills necessary to perform the job in the best possible way. You will have the opportunity to build yourself so that you have the necessary level of empathy as well as a professional attitude toward each patient. Our goal is the acquisition of functional and applicable knowledge and skills. For this reason, you will be ready for the world of work as well as for continuing your education.

Nurse/Kindergarten Teacher

Throughout your schooling, you will acquire knowledge and skills in the field of medicine, psychology and pedagogy. Early childhood is a very important period in the development of personality. Children spend a great deal of time with educators, so it is necessary for them to work with trained and skilled professionals. In our school, you will be fully trained to perform this beautiful and responsible job. The cooperation with the best private and state preschool institutions will provide you with the conditions for gaining knowledge and skills that open the door to the world of work. After four years of education, all those who want to continue their education will be able to enroll in both local or foreign universities.

Pharmaceutical Technician

The profile represents a fourth degree of vocational education. You will acquire professional knowledge and skills by the highest standards in the field of pharmacy. During the exercises organized in the most modern laboratories, you will be trained in drug manufacturing methods and procedures, and handling the equipment used in pharmacy. We focus is on developing key competencies, beside the subject-based ones; therefore, you will develop and improve communication and entrepreneurship skills which will contribute to professional and personal success. The demand for hiring pharmacy technicians in large pharmaceutical companies, where you could work in production, distribution, and sales, is constantly increasing. The course lasts for four years. Four years of intensive lessons, practical classes in labs, and the acquisition of functional knowledge and skills allows you to continue your education.

Laboratory Technician

Throughout your schooling, you will acquire functional knowledge and skills of proper collection, labeling, storage, protection and transportation of materials. You will be trained to perform accurate and precise analyses. During practical teaching hours in the most modern laboratories, you will obtain applicable knowledge and skills. If you choose continue your education after finishing our school, you will be ready to enroll in related universities and higher vocational studies.

Physiotherapeutic Technician

Through modern theory lessons and intensive practical classes, you will gain professional knowledge and skills necessary for working in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Physiotherapists are highly sought after in the labor market. There is an increasing demand for this profile due to the consequences of the modern way of life. We can freely say that to each of us, sooner or later, needs the services of a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists work with healthy people as well as with those who have health problems. They help the elderly, poorly mobile and immobile people increase their mobility, alleviate pain, and treat illness results. They train patients, and teach them how to practice and use different types of aids independently. Physiotherapists are highly valued in our region while in the countries of Western Europe they are on the list of the most sought-after professions. Our primary goal is to enable our students to acquire functional knowledge and the ability to work, as well as to continue their education. You will acquire entrepreneurship competencies that will enable you to easily start your own practice. Upon the completion of our programme, you will be able to enroll in a university.

Dental Nurse/Technician

The teaching program is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills for assisting and working in the following fields: dental diseases, child and preventive dentistry, dental prosthetics, parodontology, oral medicine, jaw orthopedics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. You will master the techniques and procedures for the preparation and sterilization of materials and instruments. Dental nurse / technician participates in the prevention of dental diseases, health educational in kindergartens, schools, and pregnancy counseling centers. In order to perform this type of job, precision, responsibility and commitment are essential. By learning from the best, students will acquire necessary knowledge and skills. In our school, we pay great attention to the development of the so-called “soft skills” which will enable you to carry out your work and business communication in the most professional way possible. Theory lessons in our school entail interactive, practical classes focused on acquiring applicable knowledge and skills. After completing this four-year education programme, you will be equally trained to work and continue your education.

Dental Technician

You will master the techniques of modeling each tooth, techniques and technology of making all kinds of technical aids, dental-technical and orthodontic appliances. Our school is equipped so as to enable you to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform this type of job using cutting-edge devices. You will be trained to start your own, independent business immediately after finishing our school. The collaboration with leading dental offices will enable contacts with potential associates and employers while still at school. You will be able to work in dental-technical laboratories, clinics, hospitals, health centers, and private and individual dental laboratories. Dental technique implies precision, motor skills and creativity. You will gain these and more in our school because you will learn from professionals who possess the above-mentioned skills, qualities and professional knowledge skills at the highest level. If you desire to complete university or vocational studies after finishing this progrmme, you will be able to do so as well.


You will acquire functional knowledge and skills for high-quality and thorough application of all procedures in the domain of care of patients and functionally dependent persons. The curriculum allocates 40% of the programme to exercises in the school and health care institutions. You will be able to work in hospitals, gerontology, healthcare and social service institutions, and take care of patients at home. The education lasts for three years. A health care professional assists the immobile and poorly-mobile patients when they get up, change their position, and move. They also work in cooperation with doctors and other medical personnel and according to their instructions.


There is a higher and higher demand for massages, and the masseur is a professional who, with the help of certain appliances and hands, relaxes the muscles of the body and thus reduces pain and tension. Throughout your schooling, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to work in hospitals, spas, spa centers, centers for cosmetic & aesthetic services. Knowledge and skills acquired during schooling will also enable you to start your own business. The programme lasts for three years. Interactive lessons in which a student is always involved in learning, as well as a lot of hours of practical classes and exercises fully develop functional and applicable knowledge in our students. Massages are varied: sports, cosmetic, therapeutic, relaxation, and massage work is important in every field. Throughout your schooling, you will also improve communication skills which are very important for establishing a good relationship with clients.